This is the experince what coaching can offer both individuals and organizations.
After indetifying the problem you have to take the initiative and move out of old patterns that don’t serve your future any more.
During this process you will experince the liberating transformation of growing to a different level in your life.

I commit myself to the holistic approach on coaching. I focus on my client as a unique individual
and I support her with my professional knowledge and experience in becoming her most authentic self.

Over a decade I have been working in different settings with people: I teach in academia, I mentor and I lead individual and teamcoaching sessions in the corporate world.

Is coaching for you?

Most of my clients contact me at turning points of their professional or private life.

Besides these key moments coaching can be effective when we want to overcome bad habits or develop our personal traits. Lack of self confidence, the fear of public speech/appearance, time-management, conflict resulotion are also frequent issues of coaching sessions.

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